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Wednesday, 11 May 2011


assalamualaikum semua....
hari ni asha nak crta satu benda kat korang.
 korang tau x apa tu ''quran pen reader with holy quran''??
 hah....kat sini ada penerangannya!

This Holy Quran that comes with the Quran Readpen is printed in beautiful Uthmanic fonts and the pages are layered with invisible coded grids. The Pen Reader optically detects each unique code on the grid and will read the corresponding verse or Ayat in beautiful digital sound. When the Readpen is pointed at the beginning title of each chapter or Surah, it will read the whole corresponding chapter. This provides a very convenient way to learn, memorise and recite the Quran, all in just 3 easy steps – point, listen and recite.

The sound comes through the built-in speaker of the pen, and earphones can be plugged in for a more concentrated and private listening. Recitation of the whole Quran is stored inside the memory chip of the pen, in digital format.

With the Al Quran Pen Reader, there are no computers required and children and adults can conveniently recite anywhere, at any time.

“With this new breakthrough technology, the learning process is accelerated!”

1. a complete and well painted holy quran book.
2. a terrific pen with build-in speaker & build-in lithium battery
3. read the quran text by touching the paper
4. read sentence by touching the sentence
5. read the whole sura by touching the sura title
6. repeat by touching again
7. clear and loud voice design
9. MP3 function,can download and play audio documents
10.especially suitable for quran learning 

(nie lah benda tu)
best x??bestkan....apalagi belilah...
harganya cuma RM380.00

kalau korang berminat blh e-mail saya

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